super fast web development

Which web development tools can make your website super fast

Everyday we are facing new technology and tools. When you come to web design and development there are may 10-20 tools we use regularly.  Some tools make website slower some make website faster.  You will be surprise to know that those tools that make website slower are not necessary equipment to build a website.  Things like JavaScript, jquery, flash are normally used to make animation and you don’t need animation to make business. There are three component really important.  PHP, HTML and CSS are enough to build your website. Why do you need to use animation for your website you have to think about it before implementing.

Have you ever visited the website called ? I think this is the fastest website i have even seen available online. They don’t use any type of unnecessary animation there.  Even they use lesser amount of image. Let’s discuss a little about how to can make an website faster with minimum use of technology.

Use of HTML

Its not possible to build web applications without HTML. The updated version of HTML is HTML5 which is great because it comes with build in animation system and you don’t need javascript for that. HTML is something super fast which makes site slower. But there are some specific codes for specific sections that we need to utilize like Header, Article, Footer etc. We just need to be careful a little to use this codes.

Use of CSS

I don’t think its required to mention that what CSS stands for. Its cascading style sheet anyway. It’s used to beautify HTML elements. We need to use minimum amount of CSS codes and avoid using unnecessary codes. With CSS we can make animation to fill up JavaScript requirements but you need to think why you need to use animation.

Use of Javascript

It is something i don’t like to use for normal website. Because something it makes website slower. Sometime people install JavaScript library in their website to make a simple navigation or simple animation when they didn’t need to large code library. When we need this JavaScript to use in our website we can think if we can fill up this requirement via CSS.

Use of Ajax

Ajax is something that Google suggest us to use and it is made by Google. Ajax is something amazing which make something great for every website . Ajax loads script from other pages with loading that page and even without loading the page which request come from. Even we can get data from Database with it.

The great PHP

This hypertext pre-processor is process your website. It is unseen life of a website which codes to not available to see by others with browser. Many people use various PHP frameworks to accomplish a simple website which think unnecessary. Here you come to use Procedural php which mean you can the minimum amount of codes which fill up the your requirements. Why you need to use framework if you only need your user to a contact form or may be two/three other things?

So finally in this short article it is understandable to use extra things that make website slower.  I always to to avoid one extra code that is unnecessary. I love to use these four PHP, HTML, CSS and AJAX.